2023 Events

May Cruise




April Cruise to Beaver Lake






2022 Events

Fall Colors Cruise



Lauritizen Cruise




September Picnic


Thanks to Tim C. for making the Pulled Pork and Burnt Ends & Beans.



July Activity

SAC Air Museum




June Activity

Take Me Out To The Ballgame!




May Blair Cruise Night




April Pizza Party


World Of Wheels

Shane, Ted and Mike took 1st Place in their class.  Tim took a 2nd.  What a great showing for our club!!







This dragster took 1st Place.


This 38 Olds took a 2nd Place.

March 2022 Mini Golf








2021 Events

July Cruise to Minneola, IA




June Cruise to Glenwood

World Of Wheels

First Place Ted Muckey

Second Place Michael Bland

Congrats guys on your wins at this show.



2020 Events

Club Picnic / Meeting





Blair Cruise Night






April Meeting / Conference Call

Lancer's Hockey



Lucky Bucket Tour