How do I join the Midwest Camaro Club?

Click on the "Join Our Club" link listed above.  Then download one of the Membership Application formats listed and print it.  Fill in the required information mail this form to the PO Box listed along with your annual dues payment of $30.00.

As an alternative to mailing your form print it and bring it along with your dues payment to one of our monthly meetings.  The date and time of our next meeting is always listed on the Home page of this website.


Do I need to own a Camaro to join the Camaro Club?

The simple answer is NO.  It would be nice if you like Camaros, are looking to buy one or you are building one but none of these are necessary.


How do I become a Midwest Camaro Club sponsor?

Contact our Sponsorship Director, Gene Pennington or CLICK HERE for a sponsor invoice.  NOTE: Sponsorship lasts for 1 year from receipt of payment and the terms of what we offer our sponsors are spelled out on our invoice.  No other options are offered.


Can I list something For Sale on this website?

If you are a member in good standing and have a car or car related item you would like to sell we will gladly accept your simple For Sale ad.  Just email  midwestcamaro@cox.net with the text of your ad as you would like it posted. (AS YOU WOULD LIKE IT POSTED - Please don't expect us to write your ad for you.)  Include a few good pictures of the item if you wish and in a few days your ad will appear.  We only ask that when the item is no longer for sale that you contact the same email address so that your ad can be pulled.  There is No Charge for this Member service.


Can I attend a meeting or participate in a Cruise Night if I am not a Member?

Yes if you would like to come along for some fun to see how our club works feel free to show up at one of our events.  We would like to see you eventually join our club but if you want to test the water come along and have fun.


Car Show Questions

Is your annual cars show only for Camaros?

NO.  All makes and models of cars and trucks are welcome.  Sorry we don't have a Class for motorcycles or other vehicles that are not cars or trucks but everyone is welcome.


Do your Members show their cars at your annual Car Show?

NO.  Our members help with registration and parking.  We also display our cars but we do not enter them in the show to be judged or to win awards.