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Member's Page

Come to a meeting, get pictures of your car taken. That's how you get a picture up here.  Members please email all pics you want to submit to possibly be posted to Webmaster.

Chuck A.




Chuck's beautiful new Second Gen project is this '72 .

Bill A.


Bob B.

"Mr. I Second That"


The First 2015 ZL-1 in Omaha

Mike B.


Dan B.


This is one of Dan's Camaros.  A Beautiful 1st Gen.

Brian B.


Mary & Mike B.


2013 Rally Sport

Cathy & Joe B.


A beautiful 50th Anniversary 2017 Camaro.

Chris & Lisa B.


Chris just got one of the first 2016's in Omaha. 

Better pictures will follow when the weather improves.

Louis B.

This is a ONE Owner 67 Convertible - Wow!

Mike B.

Once again Peggy lets Mike drive her car to club meetings.

Cheryl C.


Cheryl's beautiful new convertible.


Steve C.


Here is Steve's beautiful First Gen Camaro

Jerry & Deb D.

Jerry Jr .Last Cruise

Dahir 1.jpg (111048 bytes)  Dahir 2.jpg (69081 bytes)

Jerry has a second Camaro a Z28 this time.  Nice new Ride!



Here is Jerry and his car. He's a real tough guy, he drives to Scribner, makes a few 1/4 mile passes, then changes his plugs while they are hot. Ouch.This is a great looking and great running 1971 RS. It runs, looks, and sounds sharp. He cut a 14, but we are looking for a mid 13 with a tune up and some tweaking.


This is Jerry's 350 Cubic inches of Motivation in the 71 Rally Sport. He has a EDELBROCK Intake, Headers, Dual pipes, and has switched over to a HEI.

You never know what's under the hood

MWCC 1.jpg (64263 bytes)

Here is a later shot of Jerry's car - now with a new hood.  Nice looking hood and a nice paint job by Drew.  Looking good Jerry!

Jerry with Blower.jpg (150583 bytes)

Jerry Did It!  When he got the new hood he said that the next project was to install a blower.  Click on this picture and look closely under that new hood.   You will see a beautiful installation.  Nice Job Jerry!

Me at Car Craft.jpg (86345 bytes)

It was a tough job but someone had to pose with the Car Craft Girls.  Thank, Jerry for pitching in.

Dahir 4.jpg (58150 bytes)  Dahir 3.jpg (64906 bytes)

Newest member of the Dahir Fleet - A 97 - 6 speed!

Jerry D. Sr.

1941 to 2013




Now Jerry has another car.  This time a 4th Gen.


Chris D

What a beautiful ZL1 !

Anna & Mike D.


This is their beautiful 2010 SS

Jerry & Betty D.


OK Betty got a new car so girls first.


Here are some pictures from the build.


What a beautiful 2nd Gen Camaro!

Its a 73 LT

Jack D.

Jack sold his first gen Camaro a while back and missed having a play car so he recently picked up a 1994 Z28 from one of our sponsors, C&S Motorsports.  Here is his new and beautiful ride.


This is his the 1967 Camaro RS Jack had for many years.  


Peter F.


A numbers matching 1st Gen 302 - Wow!


Real People Do Go To Mecum.  Just look a this beautiful truck.

Roger & Connie G.


This is their 2013 Camaro 2LT RS convertible.

Pat G.


Here is Pat's low mileage 2010 Camaro SS

Tim H.

Tim's 2015 RS

Gordon H.

New Pic in from Gordy. What a nice paint job!





"Gordy" and his nice clean 1973 LT Coupe.

Tim H.

Hobbs 1.jpg (81689 bytes)  Hobbs 2.jpg (74011 bytes)  Hobbs 3.jpg (88030 bytes)  Hobbs 4.jpg (81150 bytes)

This is Tim's award winning First Gen Camaro.

Dean H.


Curt J.


2015 Commemorative Edition Chevy Camaro 2LT
AKA 'Black Mamba'

Tim J.



        tjohnsn.jpg (49607 bytes)

Tim brought his '67 Camaro out to a meeting.

Chuck & Jeannelle L.



A Beautiful 69 Z28

Rick L.

Click To Get Bigger Picture

Kevin M.


This is Kevin's "Work In Progress"



Kevin drove this to H&H but we think he had to ask - "Son can I borrow the car?"

Rod M.




Another fine example of the 2010 New Camaro/

Tom M.


This beautiful big block just hit the road.

Jeremiah & Anika M.



New members with a beautiful 2015 Camaro

Brett M.


Brett's beautiful 93 Z28

Ted & Joyce M.


This is their beautiful 2011 Chevy Camaro 2LT RS in "Arrest Me Red".

New Pics


Nick N.

A beautiful 5th Gen 2SS/RS Ashen Grey

Gene P.

Gene and his car

This is Gene's 1967 First Gen Camaro which runs as good as it looks.


New Hood !


New Pics and Hot Blonde Girlfriend - Don't tell his wife!

Tom (Chicken-Man) R.






Nice restoration on this beautiful 1st Gen Camaro.

Brian S.


This is an El Camino with a Camaro engine so we fondly call it

the "El Camaro"

Ray S. & Linda M.

Here is a picture of his ride. A 1973 LT which he has owned since it was new. All original with just over 40K miles. This car has always been garage kept and you could count the number of times it's been rained on at under 20 in it's 32 years.


Here is their new acquisition as of Late 08

1995 Z28 Convertible




Leland & Susan S.

Kevin & Anne at Septemberfest Car Show Labor Day 2005


They Grow Up

Robert & Carla S.


Photos of their sharp 1979 Berlinetta

Bill & Kathy S.



Bill picked up a 2009 Pace car that was actually at the track.

Bob S.


Bob has the start of a nice collection of classic Cars.

Fred T.


Fred's new 2010 Camaro. What a beauty!


Fred is in pursuit of  the 2009 Next Gen Camaro Convertible.  Until then this is his daily driver.

Kevin V.



This is Kevin's 1980 Camaro.  He has made an engine swap and a lot of other work.

Shane W.


This is Shane's beautiful First Gen Camaro.